Additional Policies

Purchase Orders

Due to previous companies and schools who did not pay invoices from purchase orders in a timely manner, Woodworking Parts LLC no longer accepts purchase orders. We do not have the time or manpower invoice, track, and follow-up on overdue invoices. Orders can be made on our website using a major credit card.


Since we do not accept purchase orders, orders are entered in the online store and any order made in Florida will have a 7% sales tax added. Please do not place an order and then ask that the tax be refunded due to tax-exempt status. If your organization is tax-exempt, you have two options. You can place the order and adding the tax amount to the final cost of the product. Or, to obtain tax-exempt status with our online store you must create an account in the store, then email us with the account information and tax-exempt certificate (DR-13) so we can go in and designate the account as tax-exempt. After this designation has been made, orders can be placed and the shopping cart will not add sales tax.

Orders placed online with sales tax will not be adjusted or refunded after the order is placed due to tax-exempt status. Due to automation and us using a third-party service to track and pay our sales tax on our behalf, once an order has been placed with sales tax, we will end up paying that tax. If we refund that tax upon request, we still are required to pay the tax.

MSDS Sheets/Documentation

None of the products we carry have MSDS sheets available from the manufacturer.

Manufacturing Certification

None of the products we carry have a manufacturing certification available from the manufacturer.