About Us

Our Company History and Background

Woodworkingparts.com was founded by Mark and Pam Jackering in New Lisbon, Wisconsin who were both crafters and artisans. Mark a woodworking/Fretsman and Pam a painter.

When touring the state and setting up in the heat and cold and rain became too much, they began selling overstock supplies online with the help of their son Matt. When that went well, vendors and suppliers were lined up.

Soon the crafting website was shut off and selling parts and supplies online became a full-time occupation.

family-photo.jpgSecond Generation

On May 11, 2013, Mark and Pam retired and their son Matt, took over the business. The warehouse was moved and the next phase of expansion and growth began.

September 1st, 2015, the warehouse moved again to Melbourne, FL when Janice was recruited for a health care administration position.

Now, Woodworking Parts LLC (woodworkingparts.com) is still a family owned and operated business.

Matt is the owner and primary operator of the warehouse. His wife Janice who is a hospital executive and Lean certified trainer, is continually trying to improve efficiency, layout and process around the warehouse. Claire is the daughter of Matt and Janice and having spent summers at Grandpa and Grandmas, pulling orders, counting parts and helping ship orders, helps out around the warehouse.

In addition, other family members and friends work part-time to help count parts and keep the shelves stocked.

Business #2, claireifiedbyclaire

July 2020, during the COVID pandemic shut-down, Claire was bored sitting around the house, began to learn and perfect her ability to make handcrafted soap for Disney and Marvel fandoms.

By the end of the year, Claire became very popular through her TikTok videos and broke $100K in sales by the end of the year and became one of the top 1% Etsy sellers.

Claire designed stickers in the evenings and along with dad, stickers and decals became just as popular as soap. Her senior year of high school, Claire was voted "most likely to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine."

Claire's soap studio and fulfillment are contained in the Woodworking Parts warehouse and her business is under the Woodworking Parts LLC umbrella.

Claire started attending the University of Tampa for Sports Management in 2021. While away, Matt and Janice continue to make soap and keep Claire's business growing.