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This page is dedicated to our customers. We invite customers to submit thier information and testimonial and we then feature them on this page.

If you like being our customer, send us your testimonial via our Comment Form.

Scott Rogers of http://PersonalizedWineBoxes.com

My GO-TO source for all my hardware supplies. So glad I found you, and that you keep a record of my purchases which makes it EASY to remember and reorder what I have in the past. Eliminates many mistakes. THANK YOU for being an important part of my business.

John Bugajski of Able Resale:

Among many other varied projects, I mainly use Woodworking Parts as a source of hinges and latches. I produce solid oak boxes used for housing automotive gaging masters. They always ship quick, the quantities are always correct, and I rarely get a screw that is defective, all at substantial savings over hardware and big box stores. Keep up the great work, you make my job a whole lot easier!

Ralph Grutzmacher commented:

On Saturday I ordered some small parts and fasteners.  They were in the mail at my home in Toledo, Oregon by 11:00 am today (Monday.)  I do not know how you and the Post Office managed to do this, but I am grateful to both of you.

Karen Romine of ShadowMountainArt.com says:

"As an artist, I was so frustrated trying to find sawtooth hangers with screws (that fit), rather than nails. I am delighted with the quality, price, and prompt delivery of the ones I ordered from woodworkingparts.com. It makes framing my work so much easier".

David and Mary Sherwood of WoodCoinDisplays.com says:

"We are 100% made in the USA! We hand craft from hard wood cherry wooden coin display cases - and more! We order your screws for hinges on our display cases, and it took us a long time to find a company such as yours to accomodate the small size screws that are needed to attach the hinges to our cases. We have been very satisfied with your screws and they are the perfect size for our beautiful cases. Thank you so much"!

Dan DeBruler of OzMediaOnline.com says:

Cigar Box Guitars are fun to make and play. And to me...they are a functional piece of art. As a lifelong musician, I want to do everything I can to make them sound and play well. And I need quality parts to make them look good.

That's why I buy from WoddWorkingParts.com. Not only can I find the accents I need to make my guitars look good, but I can be assured they'll be decent quality and affordable, too.

An example of some of the WoodWorkingParts.com hardware in use can be seen in these photos:



..or on my website at www.OzMediaOnline.com

Kristi Quill of Barn Owl Primitives says:

I was thrilled when a friend told me about Woodworking Parts. I'm able to purchase the sawtooth hangers that i use on all my pieces in bulk. No more trips to multiple stores to get the quantities that I need. They are friendly, fast and easy to work with!

Tony Lombardo says:

I use many small nails. My hobby always demands new items. I found that the escutchion nails are perfect as rivets on my models. I have many models that shows that detail.

Robert L. Deiss of Pair-A-Dise Crafts says:

Hi, Thanks for being such a great supplier. Here we make things like paddles, several sizes of corian cutting boards, rubber band shooters my web is pairadisecrafts.com Thanks, Bob.

Ted Salois of Seawood says:

I shop at WoodWorkingParts.com because I can find an extremely wide selection and very low prices on brass hinges and latches for the cigar box ukuleles I build. I also build "old school" collector's edition skateboards. Some sample photos are available at www.seawoodusa.com

Molly Susan Strong says:

I am an artist and paint on salvaged wood. I use your saw tooth hangers and D rings. GREAT value for your product and great service.

Trudy Pullin of Too Cute Murals by Trudy says:

I order J.W. etc.'s Right-Step water base clear varnish to finish the Handpainted Wallpaper murals that I sell on e-bay: http://stores.ebay.com/Too-Cute-Murals-by-Trudy I love that the varnish is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The prices and availability on WoodworkingParts.com are great and I don't need to run to the local craft store just to find the varnish I need is sold out.

Kevin Metzger of KevsKrafts says:

I do custom scroll saw work. I am still in the hobby side of it but am hoping to make it into a business. Because I am still in the hobby side of it I do not keep a lot of parts in my inventory yet.

This is where woodworking parts.com is nice for me as I can place a big or small order with Mark & Pam and my order is in my mailbox with in 3 days every time. I order quite a lot of Clock inserts from them as well as picture frame parts ( sawtooth hangers, turn buttons etc.). I sell my things on Etsy & Artfire for the time being but hope to get a site of my own in the future. You can visit my etsy shop at www.KevsKrafts.etsy.com and my Artfire studio at www.KevsKrafts.artfire.com Thank You to the staff ( Mark, Pam, and Matt ) of woodworkingparts.com for your great service and quality parts.


Anne Bruening of Anne Bruening Originals says:

I love using saw tooth hangers that you can hammer in the back of your item like nails. Much easier than the hangers that you fasten with tiny little nails in the sawtooth hanger.

Woodworking parts carries the large and small size for a great price. I use them for my shadowboxes. I preserve peoples flowers from weddings and funerals. You can see what I do on my website and know that there is a sawtooth hanger on each of my wall products. my websites are: www.annebrueningoriginals.com or www.facebook.com/annebrueningoriginals

Bonnie Kreger Says:

I am a polymer clay artist and I use the small eye screws for many of my pieces that I make. I also make frames and use the backings that I order from Woodworkingparts.com because the frames don't come with glass or backing. I love the service your company offers, I always receive things within a couple days of when I order.

Rick Coe says:

I make toys for family, sell them at craft fairs, and on Etsy.com. On Etsy.com search for "woodcar" to find my shop. I make toy replicas of company trucks as well, for businesses to advertise. I buy and use treaded wheels and caps from your company because the prices are reasonable and orders ship quickly.

Danny Wooten @ River Side Creations

We Build Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire and Crafts.
P.O.Box 9172
1115 A Hi Circle North Horseshoe Texas 78657
1-512-755-4412 (dm_wooten@yahoo.com)

Lisa Walker @ Whimsical Expressions


Here at Whimsical Expressions we love the great customer service from WoodworkingParts.com! We specialize in custom decorative frames and signs and always get our hangers and turn buttons here.


Darren Ehrlich of D&M Woodworks


D&M Woodworks is located in Galva Kansas, and is owned and operated by a disabled vet. We build custom furniture, jewelry boxes, home decor items and do refinishing work, in addition to being a distributor of exotic hardwood lumber. Examples of our work can be found on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/DM-Woodworks/218615978191435

I have purchased supplies from Woodworkingparts.com via Ebay in the past. Great selection and great pricing on bulk items needed for my production items.

Granville Morrison

Grant's Woodworking

We are a small woodworking shop in the foothills of North Carolina. We have been in business since April 8th, 2011. We create custom handcrafted wood products, like: Recipe Boxes, Coupon Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, Ring Boxes, Business Card Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Cabinets, Plaques, Woodburned Items, Pet Toy Boxes, Trunks, Chests, Tool Boxes, Wall Crosses, Yard Crosses, Grave Marker Crosses, and lots more. We do custom work for the individual upon request. We buy some of our hardware to make our wood products from "Woodworking Parts" due to their variety and great prices. Thank you, Woodworking Parts! https://www.etsy.com/shop/GrantsWoodworking

Rebecca Anne Grant
Grant's Woodworking

Custom Boxes by Nate

As a retired cabinetmaker and at an age where I can nolonger lift heavy items I now specialize on things that I can lift-small, beautiful hardwood boxes. From jewelry boxes to humidors and all other types in between I design and build in my home workshop hundreds of boxes that I take to juried craft shows throughout the metropolitan New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area. I have a website and I use many types of brass hinges and the wide assortment of brass screws that Woodworking Parts provides me with.
You have a wonderful assortment of hardware items as well as items covering most of what a woodworker needs and your prices are phenominal.

Nate Feinberg

I'm a first time buyer with your company. I plan on being a returning customer. I needed some clock inserts for Christmas presents I was making. The same type of clock insert at a local hobby store was 2x the price of your company. I placed my order online late on Friday night, and my order was in my mailbox the following Monday. Awesome service. I was surprised to find each clock insert in bubble wrap, as well as, enough direction sheets for all 12 inserts. Awesome again. Many thanks from a future returning customer.

Craig Henry
Wewst Liberty Wood Shop

I make clocks from old airplane propellers and I buy all my clock inserts from woodworking parts. What an impressive company! I do a lot of online work with companies and I've never had anyone ship so fast nor send replacement parts as quickly as they do. Thank you for your great customer service!
Kyle Cannon