New Screw Eye Drivers Now Available

Posted by Matt Jackering on 17th Feb 2014

Do you install a lot of screw eyes?
Do you have difficulty grabbing screw eyes to install them?
Do you use a screw driver or lever to turn screw eyes in but wish it was faster?
Then you need one or our new screw eye drivers!

These drivers have been custom made for us in 3 sizes depending on the size of the eye you are driving.

Small Driver: For screw eyes #216 & #217

Medium Driver: For screw eyes #212 & 214

Large Driver: For screw eyes #210 & #208

Prices are $12.95 for the small and medium, $14.95 for the large.

Use the drivers by chucking them in your cordless screw driver or variable speed drill (slow speed). Start the screw eye so it will stand on it's own (pilot hole recommended) and use the driver to screw it in the rest of the way.