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Tips for White Lightning

Tips for using White Lightning

Sealing Paper Mache'
Coat entire box/piece with one (l) coat of JW White Lightning. Let Dry.
Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Turn off oven and WAIT 5 MINUTES!
Put piece in for 10 minutes and take out.
You will be able to treat the Paper Mache like wood. You can sand just
like wood.

This product does settle, so make sure to stir it up and shake it before using it. You can store this product upside down when not using it.

People have commented that the surface becomes very slick when sealed with White Lightning. This is caused by over sanding or applying too many coats. White Lightning leaves a sheer coat of white on your wood. If you want the surface very white either add white paint to the White Lightning or put the White Lightning on and then put a coat of white paint on. If White Lightning becomes too slick to paint on, spray it with a Matte spray to give it tooth. Another method is to wipe the piece down with vinegar. The acid in the vinegar takes away the shine, also giving it more tooth.

White Lightning can be applied to old furniture. First, scrub the furniture down with TSP (wear gloves). This will remove the wax buildup. When dry, apply White Lightning to seal it.

To make a floor cloth, coat both sides of unprimed canvas with White Lightning. Lay it on a dry board to dry. You can also basecoat a design on a canvas bag with White Lightning to seal only the area you need to paint on.

You can do the same thing with l40 lb water color paper. Coat both sides and it will make the paper stiff and wonderful to paint on. Great for ornaments.

Tin Preparation: Wash it in soapy water, rinse. Then rinse in half white vinegar and water. Dry well. (Put it in the oven turned on low to dry tin) Seal with White Lightning.